We’re here to build a better you!

At A Pilates Studio, we utilize a carefully developed method refined over a period of sixty years to help you create a better body, postural alignment and spinal flexibility. We work with you to lengthen, strengthen and balance your whole being. Our sunny space, nestled in the heart of bustling South Jacksonville Beach, is always warm, authentic and welcoming.

If you have never been to a Pilates class, it may be a bit intimidating to see all the equipment, but it’s as easy as learning how to use weights at the gym. You can perform a vast range of exercises and Pilates moves on the reformer, using the springs to provide guidance and resistance throughout your workout. Our classes will tone and firm up the entire body with special emphasis on the core. Over time, you’ll increase flexibility in the legs, arms, core and entire body without building bulk. The springs can be adjusted to different resistance levels based on whatever is right for you. Our instructors will cue you on things such as the quality of breathing, rhythmic inhalation and exhalation and proper body alignment.

Our highly trained team is here to get to know you and help you reach your goals, regardless of your fitness level or experience. We offer personalized training in private sessions as well as small group sessions where you’ll receive individual attention and learn literally hundreds of different exercises and variations. We’re here to answer your questions, guide you through a great workout and challenge and support you along the way. You’ll find our sessions to be fresh, unique and challenging.

At A Pilates Studio, you’ll cultivate a more fit body, decreased stress and improved posture and well-being.

We offer a whole lot more than Pilates! See our Classes page for a description of TRX, Ballet Bodies and more!

Our Team

_mg_2774Lauded for her holistic, integrative approach to the Pilates Method, Amber is one of the most sought-after instructors in North Florida and the driving force behind A Pilates Studio. She maintains a philosophy that highlights working with clients as individuals and instructing from a platform that emphasizes education in conjunction with dynamic movement.

Amber has been practicing and teaching Pilates since 2000, and prides herself on teaching with excellence and customizing fitness programs to ensure her clients achieve maximum benefits from Pilates conditioning. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and feather touch, she is an expert motivator who encourages students to foster respect for their bodies while surmounting perceived limitations.

Watch our Jacksonville Buzz interview here: http://www.iwantabuzz.com/videos/a-pilates-studio/

Certifications: PHI Advanced Pilates Certified Instructor • Co-founder of the A Pilates Method • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer • Pilates at the Barre Instructor • SCW Group Fitness Instructor • Certified TRX Instructor • Lululemon Alumni Ambassador • Teaching experience 17 years
– Amber Mills

_mg_2856Jenna has been dedicated to a fit and healthy lifestyle for most of her life despite an auto injury she sustained years ago. While in search of an active remedy for her recent chronic back pain, as well as scoliosis, she discovered Pilates…and a total metamorphosis occurred. As a student, her pains not only subsided, but her posture improved, her muscles leaned and toned, and she experienced higher energy levels. After more than eight years as a Pilates and yoga student, Jenna decided to share her story and zeal with others by becoming a certified Pilates instructor.

Her Pilates classes are constantly evolving—reflective of the ever-changing face of health and fitness— physically challenging, and bring consciousness of proper body form to maximize results. Whether you’re an athlete, rehabilitating an injury, or wanting to get your body back to form, Jenna will help you achieve your goals in a friendly, energetic, and comfortable environment.

Certifications: Balance Body Pilates Certified Instructor • Barre Certified Instructor • BA from Florida State University in communications • Teaching experience 7 years
– Jenna Orr

_mg_2794A classically trained ballet dancer and licensed physical therapist, Amy found Pilates highly useful for dancers in rehabilitation, while interning with the Kirov Academy of of Ballet in Washington D.C. Amy graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Kinesiotherapy from the University of Southern Mississippi and Doctor of PhysicalTherapy degree from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Amy believes that Physical therapy and Pilates go hand-in-hand with primary focus on improving core stability, increasing overall strength and flexibility and improving coordination, balance and proprioception. Physical therapy utilizes these principles for rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries, for promotion of wellness and overall fitness. Amy is knowledgeable of a wide range of diagnoses and conditions and can tailor each evaluation and treatment to meet the client’s needs.

Certifications: PHI, Polestar, Balanced Body Pilates Certified Instructor, Co-Founder of the A Pilates Method, Doctor of Physical Therapy, BS in Kinesiotherapy, 17 Years as an Instructor.
– Amy McIver

kareyAt a young age Karey was introduced to health and fitness being a gymnast and a cheerleader. She moved to Jacksonville Beach in the summer of 2007 to attend UNF where she obtained her Bachelors degree in Business Marketing. Shortly before graduation Karey was in a tragic boating accident. She suffered multiple fractures and trauma to the lower extremities and was looking at a very long & painful recovery. In search of a way to speed up recovery time and get back into shape from suffering so much atrophy she was introduced to Pilates by Amber at A Pilates Studio in 2010. She entered into one of the studio’s challenges and practiced reformer up to 4x’s a week. Pilates became a way for Karey to work through the day-to-day physical challenges as well as the mental trauma. Over time her range of motion, flexibility, posture, and strength improved dramatically and the residual pain subsided almost completely. After several years of practicing both Pilates and Yoga she realized she wanted to share with others. In 2012 she obtained her RYT 200 from Yoga Den and in 2015 her A Pilates Method Mat certification. Karey has refined her practice and teaching style to fuse her love of pilates/yoga, anatomy, and postural alignment with the joy of core centric & breathe based movement. She is a unique and versatile teacher whose classes are designed to have a strong anatomic focus that is coupled with a lighthearted approach that makes the practice accessible and fun.

– Karey Evans

img_3491Aaron has always had a passion for wellness and exercise. After 20 years of soccer and exercising Aaron wanted to challenge himself a little more and find something that would help with his lower back pain and flexibility. Aaron was first introduced to Pilates in 2012, took a few classes, and was instantly hooked. Shortly after all the aches and pain subsided he was amazed by the results. “From that point on I knew that Pilates would be in my life forever” says Aaron. In 2014 he decided to share this incredible exercise and take his love for Pilates to the next level which led him to become certified through the A Pilates Method. Aaron believes well balanced nutrition and a consistent exercise routine provides a foundation for personal happiness. Realistic and attainable goals can be achieved and maintained with the proper drive and commitment.

Certifications: APM Certified Pilates Instructor, Muay Thai, Instructor (Temple Muay Thai/ Jax BJJ), TRX Instructor, Teaching experience 5 years
– Aaron Phan

michelleMichelle is originally from New Jersey, raised just east of Philadelphia. She migrated south to attend Florida State University in 2000, where she earned her BS in Exercise Science. After recognizing her love for sunny Florida, she chose to remain in the state and attended University of Florida, where she graduated with her Masters in Physical Therapy.
Michelle was raised in a family where exercise and an active lifestyle were routine. With many of her family members being in the healthcare field, she recognized early on the importance of mobility and the impact it has on someone’s quality of life. Because of that, physical health has been a vital part of Michelle’s way of life.
Michelle actively practices Physical Therapy and Pilates, enjoying them both individually and blended together. The combination of a Physical Therapist’s training and the fundamentals of Pilates, creates a powerful mind and body work out. Michelle looks forward to helping any individual looking to improve their flexibility, strength, core stability and/or balance through Pilates!

Certifications: BS in Exercise Science, Masters of Physical Therapy, Certified Healthcare Coach, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Senior Strength Trainer.
– Michelle Rosenbaum

lll As a lifetime athlete and competitive ballroom dancer, Catherine finds Pilates a perfect fit. As an instructor she is dedicated to improving the body and spirit of herself and others through the transformative work of Pilates.

Catherine received her first certification in Pilates in 2014 through Balanced Body and continues to further her studies with the ultimate goal of a national certification. She believes Pilates will benefit people of all ages and activity levels, feeling a strong association with dancers, golfers, runners and tennis players.

– Catherine Zambos

“I started taking Pilates from Amber in October 2009, within two months my body had transformed. My muscles were leaner and my abs defined. No other workout has given me that kind of results, past or present. Amber makes working out fun, no class is ever the same! Her studio gives off an upbeat vibe that is always happy. Her music and laughing make it a great place to go!”
- Christina
“Thank you Amber and Hilary, my main goal was for my body to feel strong again and I so enjoy Pilates!”
- Lynda Culhane
“I’m 52 years old and have tried to stay in shape by jogging, bicycle riding, going to the gym and most recently taking a few yoga classes. However, I have not been able to change my body, lose the 25 pounds I gained after 35, or decrease stress in my life. I drove past A Pilates Studio for almost two years, but I was too intimidated to go inside and inquire. However, one day I went in and met Amber. From the first free class, I was hooked…and yes, after 30 sessions, I am starting to see a difference! I am stronger than ever, I feel more peaceful than ever and I feel empowered! Amber and her team of instructors are the best! They made me feel comfortable from the beginning and continue to coach and motivate me. I look forward to my scheduled classes. On most days I can’t wait to get on a reformer, because I know after 45 minutes I will feel exhilarated! People at work have been asking me ‘Are you on a diet?’, ‘Are you working out?’ The best feedback I received was from my hubby who stared at me when I was in front of a long mirror and said ‘I can really see a difference since you started Pilates, you look beautiful!’
Thank you Amber and team for making a difference in my life!”
- Maria
“Pilates is the best exercise I have ever done to get and keep my body strong, healthy and lean. Amber Mills is truly a gifted instructor as she has the rare ability to combine individual concerns and capabilities while pushing each person to reach his physical potential. She seamlessly instructs multiple clients of varying abilities simultaneously while keeping the classes fun and entertaining. We work hard, laugh a lot and get amazing results, thanks to Amber and A Pilates Studio.”
- Amy Martin